Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) only applies between PT Herza Digital Indonesia (Herza.ID) and its customers. Customers from resellers or other parties who indirectly use Herza.ID services but are not registered directly as customers are not entitled to this SLA.

Internet Connectivity Uptime Guarantee

Herza.ID guarantees internet connectivity on the hosting server of 99.9% uptime per month excluding downtime due to maintenance which was previously announced through the Customer portal

For servers located other region such as Singapore and Hong Kong, customers get guaranteed redundancy links to various international backbones, while for servers located in Indonesia, customers get guaranteed international connectivity and direct connectivity to local exchanges such as IIX, OIXP, NCIX, JKT-IX, BIX, CDIX , BatamIX, C2-IX, CXC, and DCI-IX.

Failure to provide internet connectivity by Herza.ID on the hosting server due to network interference can be claimed if it lasts more than 0.5% in one month and occurs at one time, excluding accumulation of interruptions that occur below 0.5%.

Here are some common warranties in the industry today and the resulting actual amount of downtime per month:

  • 99.5% uptime = 216 minutes of downtime in a month
  • 99.8% uptime = 86.4 minutes of downtime in a month
  • 99.9% uptime = 43.2 minutes of downtime in a month
  • 99.99% uptime = 4.32 minutes of downtime in a month
  • 99.999% uptime = 0.432 minutes (26 seconds) in a month

Server Uptime Guarantee

Herza.ID guarantees a server uptime of 99.5% uptime per month excluding downtime due to maintenance which was previously announced via To maintain server performance, we carry out routine maintenance on Saturday / Sunday evenings and early Monday morning. During maintenance, there is a possibility that the server will be rebooted without prior notification via the website.

Failure to provide server uptime by Herza.ID can be claimed if it lasts more than 0.5% in one month and occurs at one time, excluding accumulation of interruptions that occur below 0.5%.

Response Time Guarantee

The table below sets the Maximum Target Response Time for any Service Interruptions that have been reported by the Customer to Herza.ID in accordance with clause 7.a of the Terms of Service, and 7.b of any requests for Standard Support Services, Advanced Support Services or The Remote Hand Service is carried out in accordance with that clause 7.a. Target Response Time depends (i) for Colocation Services, on the applicable Remote Hands Package, and (ii) for other Services, on the applicable Service Level.


  • Basic (Inclusive of all services): 6 hours
  • Silver (Optional): 2 hours
  • Gold (Optional): 1 hour Platinum: 30 minutes

Data Security Assurance

Herza.ID guarantees the security of customer data including web data files, databases and e-mail as long as the risk to data security is not posed by the customer himself. The customer negligence includes the following:

  • Theft of access authorization (hosting account and all facilities in it, CPANEL, e-mail, and billing) due to customer computer insecurity. Customer computer insecurity includes the presence of worms, viruses, keyloggers, or because customers access from public computers
  • Have files or directories with all read write permissions (mode 777) on their hosting account
  • Have scripts that are at high security risk or are generally known to be bugs

For VPS or Dedicated Servers, because our service is Unmanaged, Herza.ID is not responsible for any data stored on VPS and Dedicated Server services. Everything is the responsibility of the customer.

Claims for Default of Warranty

Customer will not accept returns under the 99.5% Network Uptime and 99% Server Uptime Guarantee in relation to any failure or lack of Website Availability caused by or related to:

  • Circumstances beyond our reasonable control (Force Majure), including, without limitation, acts of nature, acts of any government agency, war, rebellion, terrorism, sabotage, armed conflict, embargoes, fires, floods, strikes or other labor disruptions, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications or in third party services, virus or hacker attacks, failure of third party software (including, without limitation, e-commerce software, payment gateways), chat, statistics or free of scripts) or the inability to obtain the raw materials, supplies, or labor used in or equipment required for the provision of this SLA;
  • Failure of the access circuit to our network, unless the failure is caused solely by Herza.ID;
  • Scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance and upgrades;
  • DNS issues beyond Herza.ID’s direct control;
  • Problems with the customer’s FTP, POP, IMAP, or SMTP access;
  • False SLA violations reported as a result of discontinuance or error of any Herza.ID measurement system;
  • Acts or omissions of the customer (or acts or omissions of any other party used or authorized by the customer), including, without limitation, customary scripting or coding (e.g. CGI, Perl, HTML, ASP, etc.), any omissions, errors or use of services that intentionally violate the Terms of our Service Policy;
  • Sending and transmitting e-mail or webmail;
  • DNS Propagation (Domain Name Server/Domain Name Server); Termination anywhere on the Internet blocking access to your account. Herza.ID is not responsible for browser or DNS caching which can make your site look inaccessible while other parties can still access it. Herza.ID will only guarantee areas that are deemed to be under Herza.ID’s control: our server links to the internet, our routers, and our servers.

In terms of Server Downtime or Network Downtime, namely (i) due to problems in Herza.ID and (ii) if the total Server Downtime or Network Downtime exceeds a certain number of consecutive hours (as specified in Table 1 below) in a calendar month, customers can claim for an Outage Event Credit (OEC).

Without prejudice to the above, the maximum amount of OEC that can be claimed will not exceed 50% of the total Monthly Fee for the Services provided, and this is limited to once in a calendar month frequency.

The customer is entitled to the following Outage Event Credit in the form of a credit against the amount that must be paid at a later date by the customer for the provision of services:

Jaringan UptimeServer UptimeKredit Peristiwa Penghentian (OEC)
99.0% – 99.5%98.0% – 98.9%biaya 1 hari untuk jasa layanan
98.0% – 98.9%97.0% – 97.9%biaya 2 hari untuk jasa layanan
97.0% – 97.9%96.0% – 96.9%biaya 3 hari untuk jasa layanan
96.0% – 96.9%95.0% – 95.9%biaya 4 hari untuk jasa layanan
95.0% – 95.9%94.0% – 94.9%biaya 5 hari untuk jasa layanan
94.0% – 94.9%93.0% – 93.9%biaya 6 hari untuk jasa layanan
93.0% – 93.9%92.0% – 92.9%biaya 7 hari untuk jasa layanan
92.0% – 92.9%91.0% – 91.9%biaya 8 hari untuk jasa layanan
91.0% – 91.9%90.0% – 90.9%biaya 9 hari untuk jasa layanan
90.0% – 90.9%89.0% – 89.9%biaya 10 hari untuk jasa layanan
Di bawah 90%Di bawah 89%biaya 15 hari untuk jasa layanan