We make Cloud Accessible

In accordance with Herza Cloud vision to be the “Your Online Busines Solutions”, all your data is our PRIORITY. All Herza Cloud Servers use The latest technology from AMD EPYC with 3,8 GHz Processor Speed, combined with 100% NVME Storage media and use a 4 Node Cluster for Strorage Distribution for redundancy, high availability and security of your data.

All data is stored within Tier-3 and Tier-4 Datacenters with multi layer security and can be accessed 24 hours a day so that customers can visit server maintenance at any time when needed. We have a technical team that is trained and certified with a long experience in the Web Hosting & Datacenter industry, with a target of speed of response time to problems found on the server.

Since August 2022, PT Herza Digital Indonesia has been ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certified. And all of our procedures are compliant referring to compliance with ISO 9001 and 27001 standards.

Fiber Optic

100G Bandwidth Capacity

Herza Datacenter Infrastructure supports high capacity bandwidth services. Upto 100G Gbps InterDC Connectivity with Redundancy.

Anti DDOS Protection

Anti DDOS Infrastructure

Our Networks has been protected with Anti DDOS & Scrubbing Center for upto 1.2 Tbps for Layers 3 through 7 mitigation platforms

Auto & Instant Provisioning

All Orders are process and provisioned automatically in less then 60 sec after payment confirmed thru our Online Payment Gateway.

Herza Managed Datacenter

Herza Cloud Datacenter infrastructure supports high capacity bandwidth with Uptp 100Gbps. Currently, Herza Cloud has 3 Country POPs (Point of Presence) in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

For Singapore our Cloud POP located at Equinix SG1, Malaysia is at AIMS1 Kuala Lumpur, and for Indonesia we are located in 3 Different Cities which is Jakarta, Depok and Surabaya. For 2024, we are planning to establish a New Cloud POP in Johor Baru for extended POP between Singapore and Malaysia in Q1 and Q2 we are planning to establish POP in Bangkok and Manila.

Herza Managed Datacenter in Indonesia


We use Blackhole Community from Team-Cymru UTRS combined with FastNetMon, for speed and accuracy in mitigating DDOS attacks on our network.

By becoming part of MANRS, Herza Cloud collaborates among participants and is responsible together with other MANRS participants for safer Internet Routing.

We work with Team-Cymru CSIRT for Cyber Thread Intelligence to address the threats of Bots, Brute-force, Controllers, Darknet, Honeypot, Open Resolvers, Phishing, Proxies, Scanners & Spam.

Herza Networks

Besides our Cloud POP (Point of Presence), we are also aware that Interconnection is important. Therefore, the Herza Cloud Network is connected to several of the best Local IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) in Asia, you can found the list of Internet Exchange that we are connected to:

– Equinix Internet Exchange Singapore
– 10Gbps
– MegaIX Singapore – 10Gbps
– AMS-IX Singapore – 10Gbps
– SGIX – 10Gbps

– MYIX – 10Gbps

– EPIX Jakarta
– 100Gbps
– OpenIXP – 30Gbps
– JKTIX – 10Gbps
– NCIX (Telkom Indonesia) – 10Gbps
– BIX Jakarta (Biznet Internet Exchange) – 10Gbps
– C2-IX (Cyber2 Internet Exchange / CBN) – 10Gbps
– CDIX (Cyber Data Internet Exchange) – 10Gbps
– DCI-IX (Data Center Indonesia Internet Exchange) – 10Gbps

Herza Networks Upstream